Saturday, January 19, 2019

2019 Road Trippin to the 3rd coast

Cleanin house before this trip... 500 miles to Baytown TX
OMG the crapola in my truck!!

below 30 degrees this morning... I'm layered up and excited to get rolling
Now to load up... hook up.... and ROLL
heading east along Hwy 67 and I had to pullover and check out all the ice in the fields
Left Rankin at 8am and arrived in Baytown at 7pm... long day drivin

Monday, April 17, 2017

Jan in Big Sur CA

wineries and vineyards everywhere

Me N Bubbles, Al Jardines Wippet (Beach Boys)

Pfeiffer Beach kiosk

Elephant Seal teenagers
Jan 4th storm destroyed the road down to Pfeiffer Beach

all the rain causing massive damage along PCH 1

working in Big Sur CA, Nov 2017

Started Nov 14, 2017, at Pfieffer Beach, Big Sur CA
Home of the purple sand.
I spend half my days walking around the beach.

Texas in October 2017

back to TX to visit the fam

Me n Sadie

Monahans State Park, along I 20 near Odessa TX

Visiting Wretha in the Davis Mountains

Elephant Seal Beach along PCH 1 in Cali Nov 13, 2017
traveling PCH 1, California

my spot at Plaskett Creek Campground, Big Sur CA

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

all about the BEETS

Too many sites to keep up with, I seem to be addicted to Facebook, do a few videos here n there on youtube, gt Twitter and Patreon... then there is Linkdin... and my Blogspot.

So the short of it is... since last Dec when I last wrote something here, much and very little has gone on, on April 3rd I left Bouse AZ... went to TX,

had minor car trouble along the way, got stuck in with TinLizzy in the Davis Mountains, but got out fairly quickly. Visited parents, went on to spend May June and July in Baytown,

 then August in Arkansas

and now, Mid Sept I'm in North Dakota about to start the beet harvest.

After this is over in late October, I have to head back to TX to renew my Drivers License, then I have to decide on going East or West.

And that's the jest of it... sorry I don't write more for those few that read this.  I'll try harder

Happy Trails, Beth

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Still here... STILL DREAMIN

So I know I haven't been here in a long time... on this blog anyway, I've even slowed down considerably on the YouTube videos.... just think since I've been in one place so long I really don't have much exciting to share with you all... but I've been thinking about this dream alot lately... off and on over the years but more so the last month or so... so thought I'd share...

I'd like to find smaller RV parks, 100 spaces or less and go in and fix up clean up organize market etc. Get it running good and then move on to the next one.  Maybe a year in each one to get it running good, pretty, or whatever it needs.

Find and hire workkampers with specific skills to do specific things to help reach the ultimate goal.

So does that sound too crazy?