Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dawgs are barkin

well today Amazon kicked my arse today... I'm beat!  I spent the first 5 hours in a constant speed walk... back n forth... nonstop!  then the second half of the day I spent at a slow walk... kinda glad there is nothing going on this evening, so I could come home shower, eat and chill watching Tony on NCIS.  Kinda gettin into the NCIS New Orleans... never was able to get into the NCIS LA tho.

Got the battery charger on the van since last nite, too beat to get out there and try and mess with it... will do that tomorrow after work, before Taco Wednesday Dinner.

So a week or so ago I applied at bowlinTC.com and got an email today sayin they do not have facilities so when I have a self contained RV to let them know and they will hire me.  Oh well.... will keep looking.  i did apply today to work the Superbowl in Phoenix in Jan/feb.  Not sure how long the job would last, $10 an hour with no free site.  Will get more details before I commit.  Dec 23rd will be here before you know it ....

So i'm out, y'all make it a great day !! because you can !!

Rvin at 80

Happy Tuesday folks... one of my RVin neighbors turns 80 today, she should be on my friends list on FB ... but shes not yet. I got a card to go put on her RV door before the carpool gets here. her daughter/son in law flew in the other day from California to surprise her. 

Soooo got another 10 hours to do today, they came around yeterday morning right after first break asking for people to sign up for VTO (Voluntary Time Off) to go home right then, then ended up sending 15 people home, I said no this time, took it twice last week so can't do that again, only 7ish weeks to go and i need to make some bank still.

I sent an email to bowlinTC.com again asking about any job openings, I applied last week and they emailed me asking about my rig and if I was a "team" or single... of course I'm single LOL  Crossing fingers i get that job, might be fun.

So y'all make it a great day! See ya on the flip side

Friday, October 24, 2014

Remodeling the Beast

well thanx to Dean & Danny and of course barb i got new floors and a bed frame done today....


... this is how we started the day

measure twice cut once... so they say

insulation (Reflectix)

he thinks he is helping ... *psh

I got some Dean tushie

Monday, October 20, 2014

Life goes on...

Well hello gang... I know I don't write much here but had an urge to put my happy fingers to work for a bit... I'm enjoyin my time at Amazon, have met some really great people.. along with a couple of really annoyin ones... but then there is one in every bunch right.  HA even the annoying ones are a bit interesting, so its all good.  I'm sure I annoyin someone somewhere ;) So just thought I'd write a bit about whats going on lately... I'm still here... as far as I know... at Amazon until Dec 23rd.  My plan as of today when I leave here is go down near El Paso and visit a childhood friend Wretha then head west to Quartsite AZ.  Hope to get to Q-AZ by maybe the 10th at the latest.  I hear there is a RTR and I need to find out more info on that so I can go.

I've moved into a "cabin" or "apt" here at Buckeye RV park till the end of my stay in Kansas.  I've emptied out the van and want to rebuild my bed and finish the floors.  Thats the plan anyway... I've been goofing off way way too much, but having soooo much fun.  I have to get with it and make the improvements to the van.  Still have a leak also and I have to get that worked out too.  So no more goofing off... well I will most likely still goof off some... today IS KFC Monday after all and Taco Wednesday is only a couple of days away.

Well thats it for now.... maybe I'll add more later 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Amazon Update

mornin folks... well its that time, about to go out and watch for the carpool... today is wear pink day so I have my pink T on.  If you wear pink today at the "All Hands" (staff meeting)  this afternoon you get in a drawing for some kind of prize... hope its a good one and I win it ;)

Also its the Nov/Dec Birthday party this morning... Dean, Danny and I along with all the other Bday'ers get to go sit for an hour or so with cupcakes and koolaid.

I got notice that next wednbesday I have reach truck training... so I'll get trained on another forklift... one that I drove back at shippin at Cantex in MW several years ago... should be fun

Y'all make it a great day !! ;)