Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moody Acquarium in Galveston with Christian

Fixin the Rag top myself

it came loose

Teena & I got it glued back on the frame

then we patched and painted the top

and now it looks great....
So screw those $1000 estimates to replace top!!

Timpton Texas With Kim & Jim

HaHa I look stoned

Squirels nest

Kim & I off to see what we see...

Bought the biggest marshmellows ever

and roasted em

My Callie

Here's my beautiful daughter Callie...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last day in Orlando

Went to Gatorland, then TGIFridays for lunch, then Winter Park Chain of Lakes for a boat tour

I'm beat...

feedin the goats corn

Albino Gator

I am WOMAN! HeHe

I'm holdin onto Mona, a real Gator, yea  a REAL GATOR!

this is how all Ice Cream Sandwiches should be served

TGIF in Orlando

Was a busy day, Titanic Experience, then tried to go to llunch at Margaritaville Cafe but the parking was $15 so ended up at a hole in the wall mexican place, then took a helicopter ride, then short nap on the room and then off to Arabian Nights, Dinner Theater, was a cool show... then Teena went thru the Grimm Haunted House and back to the room at midnightish. 

I'm beat and ready to go home... hehe

Nickelodeon Hotel Resort