Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

So I watched Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts today, I was cryin... I'm sooo right there with that character.  Life after being Mom has been so hard to adjust to.  I know I'm still Mom and always will be, but they just don't need me anymore.  The are at the age that they are so busy discovering themselves, and spread out across the country now.  I mostly hear whats goin on via Facebook or Twitter and an occasional text.  So where am I now?  I feel a bit useless these days, no one needs me.  Doesn't help that I'm still on unemployment, no jobs to be had.  Not fond of pity parties, so I'm not goin there.  Just want to find myself, and not sure where to start with that.

Been thinkin a while now, I think I'm goin to start tellin my story here... there are a few not so accurate versions of my life, those versions have made me seem to be not such a good person, and I know I am... they've caused lots of pain for myself and my children and put wedges where there shouldn't be.  Not one person has asked my side, view or opinion regarding any of these versions.  And maybe no one will ever read this, not the ones that probably should anyway... but it might be good therapy for me to write it here... then again it may be yet another of the mistakes I've made in my lifetime.  I will try to not write things that will hurt anyone but, I do have an opinion, I do have my stories... I will tell each story as truthful and correct as I remember it.  I have no agenda, not out to make anyone look bad or feel bad.  But I feel as tho there is so much being told about Me (all within my family) and much of it is just plain not true. 

So take it or leave it, if you don't like what I have to say by all means don't read it.  I'm by no means a writer, just going to put down whats in my head.  Makes me feel like I'm tellin someone, and I imagine someone is listening.  Maybe I just want something to show I was here.  I'm not looking for answers from anyone, well maybe occasionally I am... everyone needs to hear an encouraging word occasionally.

So there it is... your free to comment but know this is for no one by myself. 
                                                                       This is hopefully for MY peace of mind...

Sincerely, Beth

PS RIP Bobby Geddis... and peace be with you Randy Glover

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dickinson Festival of Lites 2010

Tonight it was around 65 out so I put on my shorts and went to see the Christmas Light display at a park down the road. Although I have not roamed this park in daylite, it seemed rather small and oh my... the lites...

This guy was playin holiday tunes on his guitar... he looked like Kris Kristopherson.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and you get to spend it with whomever you want to... Beth

Saturday, December 18, 2010

well when ya gotta nap...

  I suppose you gotta nap somewhere.... 

Saw this guy at Taco Cabana today... Life is good... Enjoy the view, Beth

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gator Huntin

Happy week before Christmas... can you believe it's already here? Just amazing how time flies by.  Still job hunting, got a really good possibility, but until I get a start date I hate to say I'm employed.  So today I went to have lunch with friends, then I was off to Bay Area Park to see if I could spot a gator again... unfortunately I saw none, but heres some cell phone pics anyway... was in the high 70's so was nice to just watch the birds for a while...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kemah/Clear Lake Christmas Boat Parade 2010

So I went to the parade on the lake today.  I got there just before 5pm, I'd heard the parade started at 6pm.  I parked literally a mile away, took me 20 minutes just to get over the big bridge on Hwy 146 in the boardwalk area to park.  There were soooo many people, but I got a good spot on the railing, and stood there for 2 hours before the boats started coming by, by that time there were people 4 deep along the railing.  Before the actual parade, of course, there were some boats roamin around, was kinda cool.  Some were really decked out and some not so much.  Saw many Santas, some elves, the lil M&M guys, and so on.  Just at dark the temp dropped and it got aweful windy.

this boat is named Laney Marie... like my neice Ila Delaney & mom Ila

my view towards the bay

my view towards Clear Lake

the Beast


phone battery runs down too fast when I take pics

this tree lites were along sailboat ropes and poles.


So other than needing to get a new camera, it was a cool evening at the parade...

                            Mele Malikimaka (Merry Christmas), Beth

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Steak Night at the Turtle

Well it was another Wednesday night at the Turtle Club.  Charlotte & Ronny met me there.  I took Charlotte a few months ago and she was hooked and has gone back with Ronny every week since.  Every Wednesday the Turtle serves Rib eye/Filet/chicken/shrimp with baked potato and salad bar for $6.  The shrimp and chicken are less $$.  They give you the meat and you put it on one of their grills and cook it yourself.  So your sure to get it how you want it, unless your drunk of course and cannot cook drunk.
the bar, there Kelly, the most awesome bar tender/surfer

Ronny would not be still for nuttin for a pic

Charlotte is a nut, I love her to death

If your ever in the area, check 'em out

Happy Grillin,, Beth

Monday, December 6, 2010

Movin into a effic apt tomorrow in Webster

Yup thats what I said, tomorrow I'm movin into an effic apt, no lease just week to week... I got a part time job thru the holiday.  Still lookin for something more permenant of course.  Started working today, and man it feels great to be productive, and kinda excited about havin my own space for a bit.  its really small but its just me so what the heck huh...
and its on the 3rd floor so a great westerly view

Life is grand...

Can you believe how close we are to Christmas?!?!?

I start a part time job in a friends engraving shop.  Helpin them catch up with all the holiday rush.  Nice to have something to do again, even if it is temp and part time.... it's amazing how a job will make you feel useful

Have a great Monday All... make it a great Monday!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holidays in Clear Lake

So gang, I am in Clear Lake, have been since the first part of Nov.  I love it down here.  I think this area calls to me when I'm not here.  I went to Clear Lake Boat Ramp area and sat on my tailgate for a while. Was 80 out... wonderful!  Watchin people fish, load and unload their boats, the birds, and even saw a sea plane land on the lake.  Clear lake is connected to the Galveston Bay.  I just love it here...