Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kemah/Clear Lake Christmas Boat Parade 2010

So I went to the parade on the lake today.  I got there just before 5pm, I'd heard the parade started at 6pm.  I parked literally a mile away, took me 20 minutes just to get over the big bridge on Hwy 146 in the boardwalk area to park.  There were soooo many people, but I got a good spot on the railing, and stood there for 2 hours before the boats started coming by, by that time there were people 4 deep along the railing.  Before the actual parade, of course, there were some boats roamin around, was kinda cool.  Some were really decked out and some not so much.  Saw many Santas, some elves, the lil M&M guys, and so on.  Just at dark the temp dropped and it got aweful windy.

this boat is named Laney Marie... like my neice Ila Delaney & mom Ila

my view towards the bay

my view towards Clear Lake

the Beast


phone battery runs down too fast when I take pics

this tree lites were along sailboat ropes and poles.


So other than needing to get a new camera, it was a cool evening at the parade...

                            Mele Malikimaka (Merry Christmas), Beth

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