Monday, April 17, 2017

Jan in Big Sur CA

wineries and vineyards everywhere

Me N Bubbles, Al Jardines Wippet (Beach Boys)

Pfeiffer Beach kiosk

Elephant Seal teenagers
Jan 4th storm destroyed the road down to Pfeiffer Beach

all the rain causing massive damage along PCH 1

working in Big Sur CA, Nov 2017

Started Nov 14, 2017, at Pfieffer Beach, Big Sur CA
Home of the purple sand.
I spend half my days walking around the beach.

Texas in October 2017

back to TX to visit the fam

Me n Sadie

Monahans State Park, along I 20 near Odessa TX

Visiting Wretha in the Davis Mountains

Elephant Seal Beach along PCH 1 in Cali Nov 13, 2017
traveling PCH 1, California

my spot at Plaskett Creek Campground, Big Sur CA