Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Denver into Wyoming

Hello World, well Giles, Fluffy & I left Denver today, heading a bit north then west. We went up 25 into Wyoming and yes the wind gave me that "Something about Mary" hairdo, then to I80 and headed west. Went thru some pretty dence fog, there was snow everywhere, as far as I could see. Just beautiful, but I see how someone could get very lost with all that white. We stopped in Larimer WY for dinner, then in Rawlins for the night. along the way we saw the Abe Lincoln monument which is the highest point on I80.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wakin up to snow in Denver

Hello World, we have a white Saturday here in Denver this morning. We're packin up the car and headed west today. We've gotten a bit comfy for the past 6 weeks here in this Extended Stay Hotel Room... ;} Tryin to condense all the goodies I haven't sendt home.
These pics are all outside our hotel room, and before 9am, it was just beautiful!