Sunday, February 23, 2014

Walmart Wish List

I had too much time on my hands today... so heres a few things I want to get before long...

 for the windows

 to hold the phone while driving

 Toaster Oven

Saturday, February 22, 2014

a few Days north of Houston

arrived in Conroe last nite, parking in Anjelina's drive till monday morning.  Missed the kids, and was happy to see they were excited to see me too.  Always feels good to be wanted.  I got big hugs from all three of them.  And this morning got more hugs and stuff.  Happy Camper!
we all snuggled on the couch and watched Dispicable me 2 last nite, today we're gettin ready to go out to the park.  Will post pics in a bit.
Tori with a'lil 'tude


 pretty Angel & Addi



 Josh, Addi & Tori

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Sunday Fun !!!!! 99 Cent Store AND a Liquor Store in one stop!!!

Tues Feb 25th
Made it to Stacy's in the Woodlands, she has a extra drive I'm parked in for tonite and tomorrow nite.  Then Thursday headin West to the Lake.
It's rainin off n on so just chillin watchin The Postman... with Kevin Costner... then in a bit will watch Captian Phillips with Tom Hanks.... tomorrow, I plan to hit it hard on the bands, been slacking a bit the last week. So if I don't want to stay broke I better get on it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Visiting Baytown Peeps

Hey Gang, visitng Teena & Crazy Harry Fluffinutter, aka Christian, for a few days here in Baytown, will be adding all the pics here as the days go by!  She lives on the Bay, along the Houston Ship Channel, I love watching the big ships go by!
Me n Christian

Wakey Wakey

 the flash was blinding us
need advice on what to use to get this off the van floor

its on the plate that holds the chair mount down

still too much stuff BUT I have made progress!!
Can see half my bed now and a clear path from barn doors to bed
Got a dresser... put all my clothes in it but it leans so have to bungee it when I drive

I think I will be doin this often.... unload and reload

Christian ... my munchkin
Had lunch at school with the Munchkin

cruisen a Antiques shop in la Porte

Cats out the back door
they dug up the road behind the van this morning, hope they have it filled by 
tomorrow morning when I was planning on leaving here 
Christian Supervising

Fri AM... they are filling the hole behind the Beast

I'll be leaving Baytoiwn in just a couple of hours !

Present from Teena, YEA!!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Launch 2014

Well, sittin here (11am) waitin on one of my bands to pay me so I can head out to Cleveland TX... I sure hate waiting... they (the band) are not answering the phone, so I figure they are still sleeping or on the road with no reception.  They always pay, so not worried about not gettin paid, just wish they would get on it rather than wait till later. LOL

So nuttin really to say yet... just sittin wishin watin

 Garrison Volero

Olde Security Flea Market, Cleveland TX,
 tryin to get rid of more stuff... 
I refuse to get a storage unit... if I don't 
need it I just need to let go of it.

neighbor at the market sold me this 2 cup crock pot for $3...
said she never even used it

my lunch!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well, its Tuesday morning... got water in the house now, plumbers came out yesterday and within a few hours had all the leaks found and fixed... I immediately took a hot bath... was nice! Will probably take another this morning, just because I can!  Got more rain, forecast says rain for the next 4 days... I hate driving in the rain but rain or shine I'm heading south on Friday afternoon. YEAH!

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Family pics stolen off one of their FB pages.... here is My lil Brother David and his kids and grandkids...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reworking the To-Do List

Well had to Redneck Rig the Roof Vent until I can buy the replacement... gotts lub duct tape!  Doubt it will be leaking for the next few weeks, hopin to have the new one bought and then will get up there and install it myself, by mid March when I get to Painted Sky Inn.
also discovered the floor under the carpet is rotten... so that has moved up on the list of To-Do's, after the roof vent.  Was already going to pull up all that shag... had no idea the floor underneath was so bad.  Looks like partical board of some kind that got wet and is falling into pieces. Wondering if I can lay that sheetrock looking insulation board over the rotten particle board and then some kind of plastic sheet to keep spilt water from doing so much damage then maybe linoleum (sp) What do you think?

 this is what I would like ☺


Started cleaning the white min fridge, it was nassy!!!!  But I know it works so want to keep it till I know the other one thats built in works.  Looking for someone with electric know how to come over and I'll pull it out and check it out.  


going to scrub it with bleach water and see if I can't make it all white again, 
or at least get the writing off.

I'm learning alot already!  

AND... just so you know... the Loaded Baked Tater Salad from the Center Walmart Deli is DA BOMB!