Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Van Kitchen

How handy would this be to have.... ran across the photo... not sure if its a photoshop something or if it really exsist... the search is on tho...

or this.... I need to find someone to help me build this one!

Brasslite backpacking stove... $35 on ebay

Friday, December 27, 2013

Gettin Crafty

I want to learn to make these....... 

these were made my JessiLynn and you can get them off her FaceBook page  
I hope I can make some cool ones soon too! ;) 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Work from Home or the Road

Get into the Music Biz without any musical talent!  Go to as many shows as you want to FREE! Work from where ever you are... that you have internet & phone! FREEDOM! 

If you have the love of music, gift of gab, time on your hands, the desire to be self employeed, then you might as well give this a shot.  Its not a get rich quick thing at all, the more you work at it the more you get out of it.

Well, I've been working this full time for over a year now, & I've been asked alot and have spent hours teaching this or that person how it all works.  So decided it's time to just write it all out 
Now I've writen a How to Be a Booking Agent Booklet.  And it is up for SALE!  
{we all need to make a living} 

I do not mind answering questions but if your serious about getting it going yourself buy the Booklet.  
It's step by step how to work it.  

After you read it, which will take you all of about 15 minutes, you will realize how simple the process is.  And as long as you can stay organized and be persistant, you got it made.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Fat Man is coming....

Hello... it's the Saturday before Christmas and I woke up in a REALLY good mood.... got lots of rain here in East TX overnight and was about 75 at 6am.... forecast says 64 by lunchtime and 45 by dinnertime.  Gotta Lub TX weather ♥

Have Dish here at the house and it goes off alot during bad weather so hopin I get this post done before it goes off again.

Nothing really to say... just wanted to pop in and spread some cheer....  seems everyone I know is baking Holiday cookies lately, I've sent my addy to many in hopes they will drop some int he mail to me... I can't bake cookies to save my life. ☺

So Merry Christmas Happy Holiday... Have a great season!
OK I changed my mind.... I do have something to say...
last nite I was talking with a friend who lives in his RV (5th wheel) on his own land, we were talking about RV living, when I said "I have a van and will never be homeless"... last winter, before I had the van I lived in my Firebird for 5 days/nights, not by choice.  That 5 days changed my way of thinking, or validified (if thats even a word) many things I was already thinking about the way I live.  The things I really need.

I've wanted a small RV for a long time and have been talking to people about it alot over the last few years so this path should be no surprise to anyone.  I thought I would make something, not sure what, something that would pack up small maybe in 1 plastic storage bin, and go from market to market peddling my wares for income.  Since making this plan I've dove in full time to peddling my bands, booking tours, confirming gigs in clubs, etc.  BookYou! This endeavor is VERY slow growing, so still thinking of something I can make and peddle at markets on the weekends and between them maybe make a decent living.

So since I said that... I have a van I'll never be homeless... I have thought of little else.  It's a choice, some neccessity, but still a choice.  I'm content, even happy with the thought of adventures to come.  My gypsie Soul is waking up the last few years. ♥

Now making a list of markets... and will peddle my way around the country... how many people get to see the country, meet the people, have these adventures?  Not many at all.

Monday, December 16, 2013

More December in East Texas

Well I arrived back here in East Texas the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I've got to figure out that vent thingy at my feet when I drive... its soooooo cold.  Since my return the van will not start.  Found one mechanic to come over and look at it, he even brought me farm fresh eggs and sweet potatos... gotta lub country living sometimes ;) So anyway we put a new distributor cap on and he tore up the coil wire while tryin to get a better connection.... haven't seen him since.... so Today Dec 16th I found another mechanic on Craigslist that is willing to come over and look at it.  I love the country but it sure is not good when something goes wrong you don't know how to fix and $$ is extra tight.  Repairs are never in the budget.

So I sit in the house ... peddling my bands all over the place... 12ish hour days in front of my PC virtually poking every venue I can find to book my bands, then poking them again.   Dec has been rough, everyone wants off to spend time with family and if no one is working, I'm not making any dough.  So looking forward to Jan and things gettin somewhat back to normal in the music world.  Or my music world anyway.

I did manage to make a Holiday Greeting Video... I wish you all the Holiday Joy in the world!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec in East Texas

House Sitting... this is "home"

acres and acres of piney woods, wild hogs, deers, big ole pond, birds.... peace & quiet ♥

... and the van won't turn over... it tries... just won't kick in... friend thinks is the ballast resistor which is a $10ish part... and looks easy enough to change out. Hopin he comes over soon and verifies then takes me to town to get the part.