Monday, August 31, 2009

Downtown Denver

Hello World... wow what a cool place. The blue bear is 3 stories tall, and Bubba Gump shrimp Co., its a resturant, and I never knew any such thing exsisted. This is just part of my short roam around downtown Denver today... nite World

Raton Pass NM to Denver CO

Hello World... if you ever get the opportunity to go up I25 from Raton NM into Colorado... DO IT !!! Its absolutely amazing. The pics of course do not do it justice. Was cloudy and rainy all the way up to Denver so I didn't get to see much. Once in Denver I h ad to pick up Giles and Gary from the airport. We packed in the buggy and found a room for the week, and went for some Colorado Mexican food... not as good as TexMex but it'll do lol

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mineral Wells TX To Raton New Mexico

Hello World... well I left MW this morning about 7ish am, was a nice day to drive, not too hot. Stopped at a few rest stops to walk Fluffy (& myself). Along 287 I spotted a sign that said "Giles" with an arrow. Then along I40 in Amarillo, the rest stops had signs warning you to watch for Rattlesnakes. Before I left Texas, Fluffy and I wandered around the Cadillac Ranch, been there many times, its still cool. Got into New Mexico and it began clouding up, my ears were poppin, wonder if dogs have that problem too... got a few sprinkles but thats it before I got to a hotel room. Flipped on the tube and I see there are storms comin tonite and tomorrow. Hope I can get outta dodge here in the morning before or after the bad part. Well I'm pooped, the scenery was beautiful comin up here, took lots of pics, but they just don't look near as good as in person, but you know me... I'll be taking more pics tomorrow. In the morning I'm off to Denver, then will prolly be there for about 2 weeks, I'll let you know as soon as I know where I'm off to next... nite world

Saturday, August 22, 2009


according to

Port Jervis, N.Y.
Manitou Springs, Colo.
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Mazomanie, Wis.
Point Reyes Station, Calif.
Belfast, Maine Population: 6,840 Nearest City: Portland, 102 miles
Shoe factories and a sardine cannery used to be Belfast's lifeblood, and visitors were few. Now, the cheap real estate and relative lack of summer tourists are luring new residents, especially artists. Bob Hansen, a former accountant, was one of the early pioneers when he moved from Dallas 11 years ago to open the White House Bed & Breakfast in an 1840 Greek Revival home (1 Church St., 207/338-1901,, from $125). He says the changes in the past several years have been amazing: "Belfast is becoming an artisan enclave, and not just people with paintbrushes—there are jewelry makers, glassblowers, and weavers." • Catskill, N.Y.
Truth or Consequences, N.M. Population: 7,163 Nearest City: El Paso, Tex., 123 miles
In 1950, Hot Springs renamed itself Truth or Consequences in a publicity stunt to boost tourism. Fame has faded over the years, but the odd name still pays dividends. "When I saw it on the map, I knew I had to check it out," says Susan Morrongiello Koenick, who ended up quitting her job as an art therapist in Washington, D.C., in 2004 to relocate to T or C, as residents like to call it. Koenick's vintage-clothing store, Dust & Glitter, was one of the first businesses to move in downtown (404 Main St., 575/894-3613, Other places have opened up in recent years, including MoonGoddess, a recycled-textile art shop (415 Broadway, 575/744-0011); Cafe BellaLuca, an Italian restaurant with art exhibits (303 Jones St., 575/894-9866,, pastas from $8); and Blackstone Hotsprings, a retro motel with mineral baths flowing straight from the 110-degree aquifer (410 Austin St., 575/894-0894,, $75).
With its wide-open skies, T or C also appeals to space enthusiasts. A spaceport that's being built just outside town will be the future home of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flight program ( "At night, you feel like you can touch the stars with your hands," says Tobias Katz, organizer of the annual Truth or Fiction Film Festival (, Feb. 6–8).
Livingston, Mont.
Livingston, Mont.
White River Junction, Vt.
White River Junction, Vt.

I hope to check out each of these in person.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ft Worth Water Gardens

Hello World, went to Ft Worth Water Gardens with Mary and the kids. Such a neat place. I remember on my 18th birthday my Mom and the guy that lived next door to us took me to a honky tonk in Burleson dancing. We closed the place down, and while drivin up 35 towards Ft Worth "Silver Wings" came on the radio (mom's all time fav song) and they pulled over on the side of the highway and danced in front of the truck. Then decided we were goin to the water gardens for a middle of the night swim. I was sooo sure we'd all get arrested. I soooo wanted to just go home. Well... no luck, thats right where we went... I found a spot on the grass and was kinda hidin so I wouldn't go to jail. They jumped in one of the pools and then decided to come tackle me soakin wet. Well thats about all I remember of that nite... lol
Giles is still in Seattle, thinks he'll be there thru next week. Miss him bunches.
Laterz World

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Possum Kingdom Lake, Brazo River

Hello World, still hangin at my place south of Mineral Wells, took a drive today around PK lake and the Brazos. Grew up spending my whole summers on Bug beach there on the lake. Brought back many happy memories. The last weekend of school, Grandmother and Granddad would take their camper up and he'd stay all summer, 24/7. Grandmother was a nurse in MW so she went to work every day but came back out every evening. My dad and aunts/uncles would come and go, mostly come over weekends. My cousins and I would stay out there for weeks at a time with my Granddad. He only had one leg but still would get out in the water with us, and even get in the boat to take us all skiing. He also had trot lines out on the lake he'd go check on each mornin early. We had a bunch of theose lounge chairs that we'd line up on the beach and all us kids would sleep there. Back then it was safe to do that. Dads friend Daryl & Janice (might have well been family) had a big blue boat we all called "big blue", that thing pulled 9 of us skiing at one time. We had to have been been between 10 and 15 at the time. That was big blues claim to fame. Daryl just sold that thing last year to some guy in Phoenix. He said the other day that blue was living the life of riley now with some rich folks in AZ. LOL. Dad worked for PECO and they always had big unofficial company parties out there, and I remember a pig on a stick and the kids takin turns turnin the pig. Many many wonderful memories out there... again I could go on forever.
Talked to Giles a bit ago and he says I might be able to head to Seattle tomorrow, waiting till later today to confirm that. Gonna start gettin the truck in order just in case.
TTYL World

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Baker Hotel

Hello World, I roamed around the outside of the Baker this morning. I just love this building. Have always said if I were to win lotto, I would buy this building and restore it one floor at a time. Dunno how realistic that is but that how I have it goin in my head. Its been told that group of citizens in Mineral Wells didn't like the fact that outsiders were going to make a profit from their waters. They raised money to build their own hotel. That's when they got T. B. Baker to build the Baker Hotel. The Baker opened on November 22, 1929, when gas was $.29 a gallon and milk was $.58 a gallon, a new car was less than $500, a new house was less than $8000 and the avg annual income was only $2600. Can you imagine? Its just amazing to think we were actuially living on those prices/income. In this year President Herbert Hoover said "Older men declare War. But it is youth that must fight and die. And it is youth that must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow and the triumphs that are the aftermath." and Babe Ruth hits his 500th Home Run. The 14 floors of the Baker had its own electrical system, 12 miles of carpet, guest rooms, 1-2 bedroom suites, the ball room on top was the "Cloud Room", on bottom was the "Brazos Club", its own doctor and dentist as well as a pharmacy, and the most famous amenities the mineral baths, which were believed to have healing powers. Some other unique features were hidden panels, and bullet proof rooms. The Baker has had its share of celebrities, Mary Martin once had a dance studio in the Baker and paid the rent by singing in the lounge and ballroom, Judy Garland and Lawrence Welk frequented the establishment. There is no record of Elvis ever staying at the Baker but whos to say where he'll show up next. Good site for Baker info are, and there is also a yahoo group "Spirit of the Baker". My Grandmother used to tell me stories of the Baker, she saw Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra there. The baker closed its doors in 1976, when min wage was $1.60, gas was $.55 a gallon and milk was up over a $1.00 a gallon, a new house was up to $28,000 and avg income was $11,000.
I could go on and on about this building but will stop here, good nite World

Mineral Wells Texas...

Hello World, here's where I been for the past week... Mineral Wells Texas. My hometown, where I went to school, my daughter went to HS here, where my parents went to school, my dad, uncle and several of their cousins were high school football heros in the early 60's. Mom was in band. Mom & Dad were HS sweethearts. City pop. was less than 9000 back then, after the oil boom died out anyway, now its up to 16,000+. On the west side of town runs the Brazos River. Theres the Crazy Hotel, the Baker Hotel, Crazy Mineral Water, Ft Wolters, and many other sights to be seen.

Friday, August 14, 2009

and so goes another day ...

Hello World... can you believe we're half way thru August ?!?! Today was a bit unproductive, the goal was to get bathroom cleaned out, I think I walked to the door and looked at it a dozen times, but never actualloy did anything, guess I've put it off till tomorrow. Because I can .. lol

Well went with dad today to see Daryl & Janice, Janice has just discovered she has lung cancer, and has to start chemo next week. Daryl looks as bad as she does from worry. Cannot imagine one without the other. She is bone thin, and you can see the pain in her face. Definately keep her, and him, in your prayers. Daryl has been my dads best friends since grade school. I feel sad for them all.

I also went out to see my friend Elvis, heard him do a few songs. Thats Me & Elvis in the pic. Celia & Roy came with me, we laughed alot, was a good time. Now I'm home again and amazed again at the stars from my porch. I just love that, so close you think you can reach out and touch them.
I'm still in MW, fuel was $2.39 at the local Walmart, pretty cloudy most of the day but no rain, seems here is in the mddle of a drought. Burn ban and water restrictions in effect. Giles is still in Seattle, miss him bunches.
Good Night World

Thursday, August 13, 2009

discovered Hulu...

Hello World... Today was a bit mellow.... went to b'fest with Mary and the babies. I won't be able to call them babies much longer, they are 3 & 5. Then went and bought some groceries, goin out to eat twice a day is expensive. I spent the rest of the day off n on Hulu watchin "The Starter Wife" with Debra Messing... I'm addicted and more house cleanin. Gonna take a while to get this place livable.

I went out tonite to Acoustic Jam nite at the Brazos Lounge with Mary. Saw a couple of guys that sounded pretty good, then one that was not so good but OK. Then at one point, 3 of them got together and did the Eagles "Seven Bridges Road" THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME... of course I was table singing the whole time. I just love live music, always have. Tomorrow Mary wants me to go back there and hear her do kareoke. But first we are goin by Carters to hear Elvis do his kareoke... yup he sings Elvis songs, yup he sounds like Elivs, and yup he was given that name at birth by his mother. Great guy, cracks me up everytime I'm around him.

Well Giles is still in Seattle, fuel here in Mineral Wells today was $2.45, and think it was in the mid 90's.

Good nite world...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello World... just sittin here listening to Fleetwood Mac on the radio, reflecting on my day.

Was a good day, delivered Meals on Wheels again, then went and had lunch with Celia at Logans Roadhouse, was pretty good, and since it was my first time there they gave me a $10 gift card for my next visit. Then I came back to the house and got back to cleanin. Cleaned out fridge.. YUCK!! vaccumed, and bagged crap to be rid of. Was very productive and you can actually see where I've been cleanin now. Oh YEA ... and while I was out Tuggle came out and fixed my AC... woohoooo got a new thermostat and he's sendin me a bill... lol so nice to come home to a cool house.

Giles is still in Seattle, says he's flyin into DFW next Thursday (not tomorrow) and flyin out to where ever Sunday. I suppose a couple of days together is better than nuttin. Still thinkin he's the cheese to my mac or vice versa.

Havin trouble with cell reception out here, none in the house, if it rings I have to go outside to answer it... lol ...the price you pay to live in the country I suppose. Guess TMobile doesn't cover inside...

Fuel here is $2.43 today. The high today I believe was in the mid 90's, partly cloudy

Mary and the babies came by this afternoon, her baby sitter quit so I volunteered to watch them next week, she works Sun-Mon-Tues 6a-6p. I used to watch them all the time, I was there when the younger one was born. They are Jacob 5yrs and Jeremy 3 yrs now, and they love Aunt Beth... but then who doesn't (just kidding) Don't know if I can do more than a week tho... gotten too used to being without lil ones, tend to enjoy more shorter doeses of 'em anymore.

Well I'm off to start watchin a movie, will prolly sleep thru the end of it. Nite World

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so much to do...

Hello World... I'm still in Mineral Wells, yesterday and today I delivered Meals on Wheels, I sooo enjoy that, makes me feel good, and I believe it makes those I deliver to feel good to, at the least their tummys. Then yesterday I went swimmin with my bros kids in their new back yard pool, and today I went to visit my friend Tony, I feel in my gut that something it up with him, he just seems sad. I will have to say an extra prayer for him tonite. Then I came back home and started workin on my house, its a mess. 13 hefty bags and 3 loads of laundry later I'm beat and givin up for the day. Tomorrow I do Meals on Wheels again, then back to workin on my house. The AC guy I'm hopin will come by tomorrow, unit not comin on at all. Got a couple of fans and its not too bad right not if I just sit here and type. Fluffy has to get used to the critters out here again, shes barkin at everything that walks by the house, prolly just the cats outside, they keep the snakes away. Mom says they killed their first rattle snakes for the summer last weekend, said it was a baby and easy to catch. Said my sis steped on its head and Mom cut it in half with a hoe. They are braver than I. Parents seem to be doin OK, Mom complains of the break she had on her foot not healing and Dad just got done with prostate issues and is back at work. Daughter Callie seems to be doin OK, workin alot. Hope she gets into school before too long.

Well thats all thats goin on in my world at the moment... whats up in yours ??

Sunday, August 9, 2009

hit up Blockbuster...

Well 1st day on the road, made it to Mineral Wells, to my parents house, which is.. for those of you that don't know... west of Dallas/Ft Worth, anyway, it was a long drive, about 5ish hours from Webster to MW, and Fluffy did well on the road. I went straight to my friend Mary's house to see my "rays of sunshine" Jacob and Jeremy... they are just too damn cute. Will post a pic of us later. She had plans so I went on to my parents house, my daughter works at Blockbuster and is living with my parents. She is always bringing movies home for my mom to watch, and this is what she brought in while I was there. So anyway when I arrived, Mom had gotten my brothers kids and they were fixin to eat birthday cupcakes, the we watched the movie. Was cute, won't be buyin this one but it was good. I'm back at Marys house for the nite cause the AC in my house seems to be on the fritz.. so I'm beat and gonna chill and talk to you all laterz...

Friday, August 7, 2009

to the movies I go...

Ok went and saw Julie & Julia... not so much a chick flick I think, but definately not a guy thang. Its Friday nite and I saw the 6pm showing, I was the first one in the theater, so picked a premo seat, with railing in front of me so I could put my aching feet up. So I'm sitting there watching the ads on the big screne while the employees swept up popcorn and picked up soda cups from the last showing. People started walkin in and the seats seemed to fill up pretty quickly, and I tell ya... there were maybe 10 men in the whole theater... yup it was all women... and I'd say they were all over 40. Was a cute movie, I enjoy Meryl Streep's version of Julia Childs. Actually saw a interview with her about this movie this morning or maybe it was yesterday morning, I cannot remember, gettin old I guess ;-) so anyway she was saying she didn't have to study Julia Childs much because she was playing Julies version of Julia, and not neccessarily the real Julia. I laughed many times throughout the movie, it was sweet, made me like the characters, left me whating to know more. This is definately a "girls nite out" movie to go see, so if you haven't ... its worth the $$ to catch it in the theater, and a "buy" DVD not a rental.

got the goods...

picked up my perscription sunglasses, got my Sprint 4G MiFi, gas tank is full and I'm ready to hit the road... only 48ish more hours...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

almost gone

well day after tomorrow I hit the road, so far the plan is to go to M'Dub for a week or so then up north prolly around Detroit, not sure yet. And do you know why ?!?!?!? CAUSE I CAN LOL