Friday, August 14, 2009

and so goes another day ...

Hello World... can you believe we're half way thru August ?!?! Today was a bit unproductive, the goal was to get bathroom cleaned out, I think I walked to the door and looked at it a dozen times, but never actualloy did anything, guess I've put it off till tomorrow. Because I can .. lol

Well went with dad today to see Daryl & Janice, Janice has just discovered she has lung cancer, and has to start chemo next week. Daryl looks as bad as she does from worry. Cannot imagine one without the other. She is bone thin, and you can see the pain in her face. Definately keep her, and him, in your prayers. Daryl has been my dads best friends since grade school. I feel sad for them all.

I also went out to see my friend Elvis, heard him do a few songs. Thats Me & Elvis in the pic. Celia & Roy came with me, we laughed alot, was a good time. Now I'm home again and amazed again at the stars from my porch. I just love that, so close you think you can reach out and touch them.
I'm still in MW, fuel was $2.39 at the local Walmart, pretty cloudy most of the day but no rain, seems here is in the mddle of a drought. Burn ban and water restrictions in effect. Giles is still in Seattle, miss him bunches.
Good Night World

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