Friday, August 7, 2009

to the movies I go...

Ok went and saw Julie & Julia... not so much a chick flick I think, but definately not a guy thang. Its Friday nite and I saw the 6pm showing, I was the first one in the theater, so picked a premo seat, with railing in front of me so I could put my aching feet up. So I'm sitting there watching the ads on the big screne while the employees swept up popcorn and picked up soda cups from the last showing. People started walkin in and the seats seemed to fill up pretty quickly, and I tell ya... there were maybe 10 men in the whole theater... yup it was all women... and I'd say they were all over 40. Was a cute movie, I enjoy Meryl Streep's version of Julia Childs. Actually saw a interview with her about this movie this morning or maybe it was yesterday morning, I cannot remember, gettin old I guess ;-) so anyway she was saying she didn't have to study Julia Childs much because she was playing Julies version of Julia, and not neccessarily the real Julia. I laughed many times throughout the movie, it was sweet, made me like the characters, left me whating to know more. This is definately a "girls nite out" movie to go see, so if you haven't ... its worth the $$ to catch it in the theater, and a "buy" DVD not a rental.

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