Thursday, August 13, 2009

discovered Hulu...

Hello World... Today was a bit mellow.... went to b'fest with Mary and the babies. I won't be able to call them babies much longer, they are 3 & 5. Then went and bought some groceries, goin out to eat twice a day is expensive. I spent the rest of the day off n on Hulu watchin "The Starter Wife" with Debra Messing... I'm addicted and more house cleanin. Gonna take a while to get this place livable.

I went out tonite to Acoustic Jam nite at the Brazos Lounge with Mary. Saw a couple of guys that sounded pretty good, then one that was not so good but OK. Then at one point, 3 of them got together and did the Eagles "Seven Bridges Road" THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME... of course I was table singing the whole time. I just love live music, always have. Tomorrow Mary wants me to go back there and hear her do kareoke. But first we are goin by Carters to hear Elvis do his kareoke... yup he sings Elvis songs, yup he sounds like Elivs, and yup he was given that name at birth by his mother. Great guy, cracks me up everytime I'm around him.

Well Giles is still in Seattle, fuel here in Mineral Wells today was $2.45, and think it was in the mid 90's.

Good nite world...

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