Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Possum Kingdom Lake, Brazo River

Hello World, still hangin at my place south of Mineral Wells, took a drive today around PK lake and the Brazos. Grew up spending my whole summers on Bug beach there on the lake. Brought back many happy memories. The last weekend of school, Grandmother and Granddad would take their camper up and he'd stay all summer, 24/7. Grandmother was a nurse in MW so she went to work every day but came back out every evening. My dad and aunts/uncles would come and go, mostly come over weekends. My cousins and I would stay out there for weeks at a time with my Granddad. He only had one leg but still would get out in the water with us, and even get in the boat to take us all skiing. He also had trot lines out on the lake he'd go check on each mornin early. We had a bunch of theose lounge chairs that we'd line up on the beach and all us kids would sleep there. Back then it was safe to do that. Dads friend Daryl & Janice (might have well been family) had a big blue boat we all called "big blue", that thing pulled 9 of us skiing at one time. We had to have been been between 10 and 15 at the time. That was big blues claim to fame. Daryl just sold that thing last year to some guy in Phoenix. He said the other day that blue was living the life of riley now with some rich folks in AZ. LOL. Dad worked for PECO and they always had big unofficial company parties out there, and I remember a pig on a stick and the kids takin turns turnin the pig. Many many wonderful memories out there... again I could go on forever.
Talked to Giles a bit ago and he says I might be able to head to Seattle tomorrow, waiting till later today to confirm that. Gonna start gettin the truck in order just in case.
TTYL World

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  1. Was looking at your blog and found this part. It is beautiful. It reinds me a little of home at the lake in Marion county. Keep having a great time. Your Friend Jackie M.