Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so much to do...

Hello World... I'm still in Mineral Wells, yesterday and today I delivered Meals on Wheels, I sooo enjoy that, makes me feel good, and I believe it makes those I deliver to feel good to, at the least their tummys. Then yesterday I went swimmin with my bros kids in their new back yard pool, and today I went to visit my friend Tony, I feel in my gut that something it up with him, he just seems sad. I will have to say an extra prayer for him tonite. Then I came back home and started workin on my house, its a mess. 13 hefty bags and 3 loads of laundry later I'm beat and givin up for the day. Tomorrow I do Meals on Wheels again, then back to workin on my house. The AC guy I'm hopin will come by tomorrow, unit not comin on at all. Got a couple of fans and its not too bad right not if I just sit here and type. Fluffy has to get used to the critters out here again, shes barkin at everything that walks by the house, prolly just the cats outside, they keep the snakes away. Mom says they killed their first rattle snakes for the summer last weekend, said it was a baby and easy to catch. Said my sis steped on its head and Mom cut it in half with a hoe. They are braver than I. Parents seem to be doin OK, Mom complains of the break she had on her foot not healing and Dad just got done with prostate issues and is back at work. Daughter Callie seems to be doin OK, workin alot. Hope she gets into school before too long.

Well thats all thats goin on in my world at the moment... whats up in yours ??

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