Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello World... just sittin here listening to Fleetwood Mac on the radio, reflecting on my day.

Was a good day, delivered Meals on Wheels again, then went and had lunch with Celia at Logans Roadhouse, was pretty good, and since it was my first time there they gave me a $10 gift card for my next visit. Then I came back to the house and got back to cleanin. Cleaned out fridge.. YUCK!! vaccumed, and bagged crap to be rid of. Was very productive and you can actually see where I've been cleanin now. Oh YEA ... and while I was out Tuggle came out and fixed my AC... woohoooo got a new thermostat and he's sendin me a bill... lol so nice to come home to a cool house.

Giles is still in Seattle, says he's flyin into DFW next Thursday (not tomorrow) and flyin out to where ever Sunday. I suppose a couple of days together is better than nuttin. Still thinkin he's the cheese to my mac or vice versa.

Havin trouble with cell reception out here, none in the house, if it rings I have to go outside to answer it... lol ...the price you pay to live in the country I suppose. Guess TMobile doesn't cover inside...

Fuel here is $2.43 today. The high today I believe was in the mid 90's, partly cloudy

Mary and the babies came by this afternoon, her baby sitter quit so I volunteered to watch them next week, she works Sun-Mon-Tues 6a-6p. I used to watch them all the time, I was there when the younger one was born. They are Jacob 5yrs and Jeremy 3 yrs now, and they love Aunt Beth... but then who doesn't (just kidding) Don't know if I can do more than a week tho... gotten too used to being without lil ones, tend to enjoy more shorter doeses of 'em anymore.

Well I'm off to start watchin a movie, will prolly sleep thru the end of it. Nite World

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  1. Oh yeah....That's Me! The Noodle to her Creamy Cheese! And it's always Burnin'!