Friday, January 31, 2014

PreRain Walk in the PineyWoods

Well it's susposed to rain for the next 3 days the weatherman says... so thought I'd go for a walk again out in the back 40 and check on the hog trap.... the lake is very still this morning... lite breeze... peaceful!

Just capturing some of the scenery... 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Van Tour Video

I decided to make a Van Tour Video.... I got the Van last Oct... and have a long list of things I want to do to it in hopes of it being more comfy and homey.  So one day I can look back to the Before vid... after all the vid's on the YouTube channel and this blog are done for ME... and if you happen to get something out of it great.

Also a pic of the mess... I still have way too much stuff....

and my Dash Buddy since 2007...

Monday, January 27, 2014

A'lil roamin in the back 40 this morning

bbbrrrrrrrr its cooollldddd out there today.... low 40's they say but the wind feels like ice.  
Yeah I'm a Texan, and 40 it too damn COLD! LOL

I decided to go for a walk today out to the lake here 
... to my right here, I guess I got too close to about 7-8 buzzards havin lunch so walk wasn't as long as I had wanted it to be.  They musta been hungry cause they ran me off 

the view of the house just as I was gettin to the lake, during the 
summer the green is so much so you can't see the house from here 

I know you all love my SELFIES! 

The Dam Road... water is way up today 

 I love NATURE!

This is from the wild hogs, and up about 50 yards from the house last nite, imagine if that was your back yard, green grass n all... they would be tearin it up 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Visiting the Birds & tha Beast Capt Chair Exchange

Howdy... went to a friends between Mt Enterprise & Henderson TX last nite and sat on the porch this morning listing to the birds... was too cool, peaceful.  I love nature!

 Sunrise comin from behind me thru clouds

this chicken has feather shoes !

Removed drivers seat and put back seat in drivers spot.... NICE!
Thanx Bill for the help 
 back seat thats to be drivers seat !

 drivers seat comin out

 there it goes YEAH!

 bolting down the new drivers seat

the space for the storage/closet thingy when I get one

 new drivers seat in YEAH!

the start of organizing ... I will be building or looking for a storage unit of some kind to put here.

I have 2 of these now that seem to not be able to be taken out from the top... Bill, who helped me remove the chairs, says he thinks maybe they will loosen from underneath.

about half of this is stuff on my bed is to be peddled at the market which I will be going to the first weekend after Valentines, thinkin I'll go to Olde Security Flea Market on FM 105 in Cleveland TX, on Sat Feb 15th, $15 a day for a booth.  Got some candle stuff, Jewelry, might put out the clothes if I don't drop them off before I go there

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Potty Ideas

Well the Beast is not equipt with a potty or a shower... so heres some ideas to consider and work on...

OK OK so this might be a bit big for the van but I'm gonna think on it and maybe I can work it out somehow ... 

This is how it will be till I find/afford something nicer 
which for me is just a plain white bucket, but maybe I'll decorate it with "Luggable Loo"  
Kinda like that name

will keep an eye out for this one, will take up much less space when not in use... 
and space saving is a MUST

Friday, January 24, 2014

The January Snow Front

YEAH! IT SNOWED! it is Texas after all... looks like I got an inch or two... so here my cell phone pics from last nite to this morning...

Thursday evening just before dark...


it's really comin down around 9pm 

6am Fri Morning, still dark out 

dunno why my pics turned blue, this is out the front door 

the barn this morning 

the path to the pond/lake 

from about halfway down the drive 

one of the big trees out front 

the barn again DUH!  

looks like a winter wonderland.... so much prettier in person 

I need a real camera I think 

wonder how the gazillion squirrels are  

and then by 2pm it was melting.....

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spring has Sprung... sorta

Well I'm very excited... my first Workamping experience is set... March 1 - June 1 in the fabulous Texas Hill Country on Lake Buchanan at Painted Sky Inn  Website FB page.

I'll be cleaning, gardening, and whatever else they need.  I'm soooo looking forward to Spring in the Hill Country.  If you have never been to the Burnet, Marble Falls, Lampasses area along Hwy 281 north of Austin.... your missin out!! ♥ BEAUTIFUL!!  oh oh oh and the Bluebonnets !
Apparently near Llano along Hwy 281 there has been eagles nesting... will look into that! Would be cool to go see.


these are pics off their FB page