Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day Dreamin

Mornin Folks.... where I am house sittin is out in the middle of pretty much no where East Texas.... 8 miles east of Garrison (Volero), pop approx 900, 12 miles SouthEast of Timpson (Post Office/Whataburger/DollarGeneral) pop 2k, 14 miles west of Center (Walmart), pop approx 15k... 

I drove into Center this morning to hit up the Walmart for some groceries.  All the Holiday stuff is marked down and they were puttin out the Valentines stuff.

The road between here and there is wooded and lots of left right up down.  

 it's a very nice ride!

Radio does not work in the van, its on the list of to-dos, 
so everytime I make the drive I day dream about going off to some far off place.

 hard to do selfies while driving LOL

Lots of FEE-FREE days coming up this year at various National parks around the nation.

January 20 ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 15-17 ~ Presidents Day weekend
April 19-20 ~ opening weekend of National Park Week
August 25 ~ National Park Service Birthday
September 27 ~ National Public Lands Day
November 11 ~ Veterans Day

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