Sunday, January 26, 2014

Visiting the Birds & tha Beast Capt Chair Exchange

Howdy... went to a friends between Mt Enterprise & Henderson TX last nite and sat on the porch this morning listing to the birds... was too cool, peaceful.  I love nature!

 Sunrise comin from behind me thru clouds

this chicken has feather shoes !

Removed drivers seat and put back seat in drivers spot.... NICE!
Thanx Bill for the help 
 back seat thats to be drivers seat !

 drivers seat comin out

 there it goes YEAH!

 bolting down the new drivers seat

the space for the storage/closet thingy when I get one

 new drivers seat in YEAH!

the start of organizing ... I will be building or looking for a storage unit of some kind to put here.

I have 2 of these now that seem to not be able to be taken out from the top... Bill, who helped me remove the chairs, says he thinks maybe they will loosen from underneath.

about half of this is stuff on my bed is to be peddled at the market which I will be going to the first weekend after Valentines, thinkin I'll go to Olde Security Flea Market on FM 105 in Cleveland TX, on Sat Feb 15th, $15 a day for a booth.  Got some candle stuff, Jewelry, might put out the clothes if I don't drop them off before I go there

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