Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So Padre TX

NOT FUNNY... what I found when I opened the door this morning.

Me & Jimi Berg

Lunch at Laguna Bob's

PVC Pipe chairs

Evening walk on the beach

Jimi & Blondi

whats this called? Kite surfing?  I wanna try it!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Nacogdoches to Austin

Well the first road trip is a success... went to Halloween party in Nacogdoches on Sat evening, (thanx for the invite terry & Jen), crawled in Van at about 11pm and took a nap... woke at 1:30ish and hit the road towards Austin... rained the whole way.. so drivin was a bit slow but the van rides pretty smoothe... discovered radio does not work... CD's will not play, I tried puttin one in and it just came right back out... so I listened to the rain and sang to myself.

At about 4:30ish I came upon a LOVES in Hearne and decided it was nap time again... I parked made a walk thru the truck stop and went back to nap... only sprinkling by then.

The best I can figure its about 11 mpg... hoping that will get a bit better when I get the plug/wires/filters changed out.  And hopin to start that project pretty quickly. So all my trips will be better planned now.

So overnite, driving in the rain... the back of the bed and everything I had up against the back doors (pillows and blanket) were soaked when I arrived at the Loves.  
Looks like the roof vent I had open, even tho the cover is rotten broken plastic, leaked and water ran above the headliner to the back end of the van and down.  
I never even thought about closing that roof vent when it rains but bet yer booties I will not forget again...
Looks like I can just take that vent cover off... maybe one day I can install a very small AC/Heat unit... thats down the road tho... many other things I need to get done first.  Unless of course I win a lotto!

This morning I wake up in Manchaca TX... south Austin
I parked at the storage lot/office of Roadway Ent.  amongst all the event stages.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thoughts about Space & Power

My mind is all over the place, so many things to do, get done, etc.  Have list going, and growing... SPACE is the pressing issue... deciding what I need and don't need... and where to put it all.... I'm driving into Nacogdoches today then on to Austin overnight... need to be in Austin by 9am and its a 5ish hour drive.  Hopin I'm not rushed like that often, I'm not a fan of night or bad weather driving.

This mornings research was on solar power... and what I can do to get by till I can afford the solar panels and such.  Many options... so more to come on that one.  Joined a few FaceBook RV & Boondocking related groups, I've chatted with some VanDwellers, made a few new friends.

Learned there is a Singles RVLifers event in Port Aransas on Jan 1st... not sure I can make it but am going to try. And keep an eye on that group and maybe catch up with them in the spring.  I have childhood friends living in the area will be good to see them too.

Also found a cool East Texas RV Park... worth checking out I hear... http://www.triplecreekrv.com/

Thought a bit about insulation this morning... wondering what to use, thinking I might get something other than carpet ont he floors... whats there is pretty dirty even after my cleaning.

Thought about a dog... I love dogs... that will be down the road tho... to think about again. ♥

SPACE is still a challenge... the basket of clothes is going to be dropped at the nearest Donation thingy... I'm thinkin it'll not be very organized till I get the closet/cubbard built and installed... Closet is going to be between the sink cabinet and the drivers seat... decided I don't need that third capt chair since the two front ones swivel around and its just me.  Till then its the suitcase, and bag for all my clothes and bathroom bag.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Headliner & Storage thoughts

Gonna need headliner fixed or replaced at some point...


thinkin a tub for kitchen related stuff, and one for clothes related stuff.  
Will look for a small portable/tailgating grill and a hot plate.  
Want to be able to eat healthy and not resort to living off the Dollar Menus

Figuring out what I must have with me ... I still have things I'll just have to get rid of ... 
tryin not to make space or lack of space my enemy 
That board attached to the 4th chair thingy... hopin thats going to be an easy thing to be rid of.  
Can't imagine why I'd need a 4th captians chair in there.... wondering if I can get rid of that 3rd chair there behind the drivers seat, both front seats swivel all the way around, and then extend the cabinet to make more storage space, or maybe a closet/cubbard there and not have the tubs.

and so begins the list...

Listing things to do, or get done to the van.... rode into Center this morning to hit up the Wally World for a couple of quartz of oil... 10W40 is what a guy on the same isle told me, said since its gettin cooler I should go with the thinker.  So thats what I got.

Not pitchered... blower motor for AC... have part need installed  and Power Steering Pump, priced part at just under $50, and local grease monkey says under $100 to install it.  Want to go ahead and change out oil filter, plugs n wires, air filter... and have someone check hoses and belts.  I'm all about preventative maint when possible.

Walking out to the van after I'd cruised every isle I could, I notice the van is DALLAS COWBOY colors YEAH! ☺ SCORE! ♥ I love it! BONUS! ♥

So heres photos of some of the things that need fixed or replaced...

front passenger side... would like to all LED... will be talking to DSK in Legaue City about this one.

need side view mirrors replace, arm and all.  Mirror is welded and doesn't move.

need to stop by local grease monkey and see what this is thats dripping.  Doesn't look like a new or fast drop but wanna check on it

container on the right... might be wiper fluid maybe? Need to find a replacement.  
the one on the left is coolant

Driver door... need to find or make a handle

Well.... ☺ will ask grease monkey about this one too


Thursday, October 24, 2013

and so begins the next adventure....

I finally got one!  Now to spend the holidays cleaning and preparing for the road.... In East Texas for the holidays then who knows....  these are photos of right when I got it... 1st is a deep cleaning... Car wash with a bag-o-quarters for the vac is first on the list of to-do's