Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thoughts about Space & Power

My mind is all over the place, so many things to do, get done, etc.  Have list going, and growing... SPACE is the pressing issue... deciding what I need and don't need... and where to put it all.... I'm driving into Nacogdoches today then on to Austin overnight... need to be in Austin by 9am and its a 5ish hour drive.  Hopin I'm not rushed like that often, I'm not a fan of night or bad weather driving.

This mornings research was on solar power... and what I can do to get by till I can afford the solar panels and such.  Many options... so more to come on that one.  Joined a few FaceBook RV & Boondocking related groups, I've chatted with some VanDwellers, made a few new friends.

Learned there is a Singles RVLifers event in Port Aransas on Jan 1st... not sure I can make it but am going to try. And keep an eye on that group and maybe catch up with them in the spring.  I have childhood friends living in the area will be good to see them too.

Also found a cool East Texas RV Park... worth checking out I hear...

Thought a bit about insulation this morning... wondering what to use, thinking I might get something other than carpet ont he floors... whats there is pretty dirty even after my cleaning.

Thought about a dog... I love dogs... that will be down the road tho... to think about again. ♥

SPACE is still a challenge... the basket of clothes is going to be dropped at the nearest Donation thingy... I'm thinkin it'll not be very organized till I get the closet/cubbard built and installed... Closet is going to be between the sink cabinet and the drivers seat... decided I don't need that third capt chair since the two front ones swivel around and its just me.  Till then its the suitcase, and bag for all my clothes and bathroom bag.

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