Friday, October 25, 2013

and so begins the list...

Listing things to do, or get done to the van.... rode into Center this morning to hit up the Wally World for a couple of quartz of oil... 10W40 is what a guy on the same isle told me, said since its gettin cooler I should go with the thinker.  So thats what I got.

Not pitchered... blower motor for AC... have part need installed  and Power Steering Pump, priced part at just under $50, and local grease monkey says under $100 to install it.  Want to go ahead and change out oil filter, plugs n wires, air filter... and have someone check hoses and belts.  I'm all about preventative maint when possible.

Walking out to the van after I'd cruised every isle I could, I notice the van is DALLAS COWBOY colors YEAH! ☺ SCORE! ♥ I love it! BONUS! ♥

So heres photos of some of the things that need fixed or replaced...

front passenger side... would like to all LED... will be talking to DSK in Legaue City about this one.

need side view mirrors replace, arm and all.  Mirror is welded and doesn't move.

need to stop by local grease monkey and see what this is thats dripping.  Doesn't look like a new or fast drop but wanna check on it

container on the right... might be wiper fluid maybe? Need to find a replacement.  
the one on the left is coolant

Driver door... need to find or make a handle

Well.... ☺ will ask grease monkey about this one too


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