Friday, October 25, 2013

Headliner & Storage thoughts

Gonna need headliner fixed or replaced at some point...


thinkin a tub for kitchen related stuff, and one for clothes related stuff.  
Will look for a small portable/tailgating grill and a hot plate.  
Want to be able to eat healthy and not resort to living off the Dollar Menus

Figuring out what I must have with me ... I still have things I'll just have to get rid of ... 
tryin not to make space or lack of space my enemy 
That board attached to the 4th chair thingy... hopin thats going to be an easy thing to be rid of.  
Can't imagine why I'd need a 4th captians chair in there.... wondering if I can get rid of that 3rd chair there behind the drivers seat, both front seats swivel all the way around, and then extend the cabinet to make more storage space, or maybe a closet/cubbard there and not have the tubs.

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