Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Conception to Game; Bonkerball

Well, Callie and I have been inventing this game for a couple of weeks now and finally played tonite. I'm sore from head to toe... think Callie is too. It started when I mentioned I wanted to try tennis to work on my flabby arms (and exercise the rest of me too). And it just grew... so far here are the rules of Bonkerball...

1. Match can be played with dudes (single player) duos (two players) & tribe (3-4 players) on each team

2. each dude/duo/tribe starts with 100 digs (points) and worked their way down to ZERO

3. if you hit the ball (tennis ball) with your (racketball or tennis) racket and it hits another person you get 25 digs off

4. must wear sweatband on your head, wrist and leg warmers... (not really mandatory but was funny)

5. if you hit the ball over the fence you must go get it

We of course come up with more rules and regulations as we play, and will keep rewriting the rules till they make sense and are doable. We plan to play all summer (hopin for every other day) at the HS or the City Park and then the beginning of October have a 30 game playoff.

We fully expect ESPN to find out and come by for interviews at some point.

Eddie aka The Navy

Well my youngest is full fledge NAVY. He joined last Sept (2009) and is in school for ET (Electric Tech) which is a 6 year course. I stopped in for a way too short visit on my way from Columbia MD to Minn MN. Wow... he seems great and seems to be enjoyin the Navy. He showed me his dorm building, I had to check him out then back in. Their dorm buildings are name as ships, and they refer to them as such. He was searched each time we entered that building. After signing him out, we went to breakfest at IHop and called one of my German girls Christina, she was sooo excited to get the call. Her and Ed seem to be close, even after she went back home to Germany. Then we were off to a mall. Didn't see too much of it, but got to listen to more of Ed's stories, he has such an imagination. It was a short visit, but a good one none the less.

I'm very proud of you Ed!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The News Room in downtown Minneapolis

This was a cool place, walls of newspaper, newspapers hanging from the ceiling, food was decent too.