Monday, January 27, 2014

A'lil roamin in the back 40 this morning

bbbrrrrrrrr its cooollldddd out there today.... low 40's they say but the wind feels like ice.  
Yeah I'm a Texan, and 40 it too damn COLD! LOL

I decided to go for a walk today out to the lake here 
... to my right here, I guess I got too close to about 7-8 buzzards havin lunch so walk wasn't as long as I had wanted it to be.  They musta been hungry cause they ran me off 

the view of the house just as I was gettin to the lake, during the 
summer the green is so much so you can't see the house from here 

I know you all love my SELFIES! 

The Dam Road... water is way up today 

 I love NATURE!

This is from the wild hogs, and up about 50 yards from the house last nite, imagine if that was your back yard, green grass n all... they would be tearin it up 

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