Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ft Worth Water Gardens

Hello World, went to Ft Worth Water Gardens with Mary and the kids. Such a neat place. I remember on my 18th birthday my Mom and the guy that lived next door to us took me to a honky tonk in Burleson dancing. We closed the place down, and while drivin up 35 towards Ft Worth "Silver Wings" came on the radio (mom's all time fav song) and they pulled over on the side of the highway and danced in front of the truck. Then decided we were goin to the water gardens for a middle of the night swim. I was sooo sure we'd all get arrested. I soooo wanted to just go home. Well... no luck, thats right where we went... I found a spot on the grass and was kinda hidin so I wouldn't go to jail. They jumped in one of the pools and then decided to come tackle me soakin wet. Well thats about all I remember of that nite... lol
Giles is still in Seattle, thinks he'll be there thru next week. Miss him bunches.
Laterz World

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