Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mineral Wells TX To Raton New Mexico

Hello World... well I left MW this morning about 7ish am, was a nice day to drive, not too hot. Stopped at a few rest stops to walk Fluffy (& myself). Along 287 I spotted a sign that said "Giles" with an arrow. Then along I40 in Amarillo, the rest stops had signs warning you to watch for Rattlesnakes. Before I left Texas, Fluffy and I wandered around the Cadillac Ranch, been there many times, its still cool. Got into New Mexico and it began clouding up, my ears were poppin, wonder if dogs have that problem too... got a few sprinkles but thats it before I got to a hotel room. Flipped on the tube and I see there are storms comin tonite and tomorrow. Hope I can get outta dodge here in the morning before or after the bad part. Well I'm pooped, the scenery was beautiful comin up here, took lots of pics, but they just don't look near as good as in person, but you know me... I'll be taking more pics tomorrow. In the morning I'm off to Denver, then will prolly be there for about 2 weeks, I'll let you know as soon as I know where I'm off to next... nite world

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