Monday, December 16, 2013

More December in East Texas

Well I arrived back here in East Texas the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I've got to figure out that vent thingy at my feet when I drive... its soooooo cold.  Since my return the van will not start.  Found one mechanic to come over and look at it, he even brought me farm fresh eggs and sweet potatos... gotta lub country living sometimes ;) So anyway we put a new distributor cap on and he tore up the coil wire while tryin to get a better connection.... haven't seen him since.... so Today Dec 16th I found another mechanic on Craigslist that is willing to come over and look at it.  I love the country but it sure is not good when something goes wrong you don't know how to fix and $$ is extra tight.  Repairs are never in the budget.

So I sit in the house ... peddling my bands all over the place... 12ish hour days in front of my PC virtually poking every venue I can find to book my bands, then poking them again.   Dec has been rough, everyone wants off to spend time with family and if no one is working, I'm not making any dough.  So looking forward to Jan and things gettin somewhat back to normal in the music world.  Or my music world anyway.

I did manage to make a Holiday Greeting Video... I wish you all the Holiday Joy in the world!

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