Monday, February 17, 2014

Visiting Baytown Peeps

Hey Gang, visitng Teena & Crazy Harry Fluffinutter, aka Christian, for a few days here in Baytown, will be adding all the pics here as the days go by!  She lives on the Bay, along the Houston Ship Channel, I love watching the big ships go by!
Me n Christian

Wakey Wakey

 the flash was blinding us
need advice on what to use to get this off the van floor

its on the plate that holds the chair mount down

still too much stuff BUT I have made progress!!
Can see half my bed now and a clear path from barn doors to bed
Got a dresser... put all my clothes in it but it leans so have to bungee it when I drive

I think I will be doin this often.... unload and reload

Christian ... my munchkin
Had lunch at school with the Munchkin

cruisen a Antiques shop in la Porte

Cats out the back door
they dug up the road behind the van this morning, hope they have it filled by 
tomorrow morning when I was planning on leaving here 
Christian Supervising

Fri AM... they are filling the hole behind the Beast

I'll be leaving Baytoiwn in just a couple of hours !

Present from Teena, YEA!!!!

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