Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reworking the To-Do List

Well had to Redneck Rig the Roof Vent until I can buy the replacement... gotts lub duct tape!  Doubt it will be leaking for the next few weeks, hopin to have the new one bought and then will get up there and install it myself, by mid March when I get to Painted Sky Inn.
also discovered the floor under the carpet is rotten... so that has moved up on the list of To-Do's, after the roof vent.  Was already going to pull up all that shag... had no idea the floor underneath was so bad.  Looks like partical board of some kind that got wet and is falling into pieces. Wondering if I can lay that sheetrock looking insulation board over the rotten particle board and then some kind of plastic sheet to keep spilt water from doing so much damage then maybe linoleum (sp) What do you think?

 this is what I would like ☺


Started cleaning the white min fridge, it was nassy!!!!  But I know it works so want to keep it till I know the other one thats built in works.  Looking for someone with electric know how to come over and I'll pull it out and check it out.  


going to scrub it with bleach water and see if I can't make it all white again, 
or at least get the writing off.

I'm learning alot already!  

AND... just so you know... the Loaded Baked Tater Salad from the Center Walmart Deli is DA BOMB!

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