Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Launch 2014

Well, sittin here (11am) waitin on one of my bands to pay me so I can head out to Cleveland TX... I sure hate waiting... they (the band) are not answering the phone, so I figure they are still sleeping or on the road with no reception.  They always pay, so not worried about not gettin paid, just wish they would get on it rather than wait till later. LOL

So nuttin really to say yet... just sittin wishin watin

 Garrison Volero

Olde Security Flea Market, Cleveland TX,
 tryin to get rid of more stuff... 
I refuse to get a storage unit... if I don't 
need it I just need to let go of it.

neighbor at the market sold me this 2 cup crock pot for $3...
said she never even used it

my lunch!

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