Saturday, February 22, 2014

a few Days north of Houston

arrived in Conroe last nite, parking in Anjelina's drive till monday morning.  Missed the kids, and was happy to see they were excited to see me too.  Always feels good to be wanted.  I got big hugs from all three of them.  And this morning got more hugs and stuff.  Happy Camper!
we all snuggled on the couch and watched Dispicable me 2 last nite, today we're gettin ready to go out to the park.  Will post pics in a bit.
Tori with a'lil 'tude


 pretty Angel & Addi



 Josh, Addi & Tori

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Sunday Fun !!!!! 99 Cent Store AND a Liquor Store in one stop!!!

Tues Feb 25th
Made it to Stacy's in the Woodlands, she has a extra drive I'm parked in for tonite and tomorrow nite.  Then Thursday headin West to the Lake.
It's rainin off n on so just chillin watchin The Postman... with Kevin Costner... then in a bit will watch Captian Phillips with Tom Hanks.... tomorrow, I plan to hit it hard on the bands, been slacking a bit the last week. So if I don't want to stay broke I better get on it.

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