Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

So I watched Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts today, I was cryin... I'm sooo right there with that character.  Life after being Mom has been so hard to adjust to.  I know I'm still Mom and always will be, but they just don't need me anymore.  The are at the age that they are so busy discovering themselves, and spread out across the country now.  I mostly hear whats goin on via Facebook or Twitter and an occasional text.  So where am I now?  I feel a bit useless these days, no one needs me.  Doesn't help that I'm still on unemployment, no jobs to be had.  Not fond of pity parties, so I'm not goin there.  Just want to find myself, and not sure where to start with that.

Been thinkin a while now, I think I'm goin to start tellin my story here... there are a few not so accurate versions of my life, those versions have made me seem to be not such a good person, and I know I am... they've caused lots of pain for myself and my children and put wedges where there shouldn't be.  Not one person has asked my side, view or opinion regarding any of these versions.  And maybe no one will ever read this, not the ones that probably should anyway... but it might be good therapy for me to write it here... then again it may be yet another of the mistakes I've made in my lifetime.  I will try to not write things that will hurt anyone but, I do have an opinion, I do have my stories... I will tell each story as truthful and correct as I remember it.  I have no agenda, not out to make anyone look bad or feel bad.  But I feel as tho there is so much being told about Me (all within my family) and much of it is just plain not true. 

So take it or leave it, if you don't like what I have to say by all means don't read it.  I'm by no means a writer, just going to put down whats in my head.  Makes me feel like I'm tellin someone, and I imagine someone is listening.  Maybe I just want something to show I was here.  I'm not looking for answers from anyone, well maybe occasionally I am... everyone needs to hear an encouraging word occasionally.

So there it is... your free to comment but know this is for no one by myself. 
                                                                       This is hopefully for MY peace of mind...

Sincerely, Beth

PS RIP Bobby Geddis... and peace be with you Randy Glover

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