Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Steak Night at the Turtle

Well it was another Wednesday night at the Turtle Club.  Charlotte & Ronny met me there.  I took Charlotte a few months ago and she was hooked and has gone back with Ronny every week since.  Every Wednesday the Turtle serves Rib eye/Filet/chicken/shrimp with baked potato and salad bar for $6.  The shrimp and chicken are less $$.  They give you the meat and you put it on one of their grills and cook it yourself.  So your sure to get it how you want it, unless your drunk of course and cannot cook drunk.
the bar, there Kelly, the most awesome bar tender/surfer

Ronny would not be still for nuttin for a pic

Charlotte is a nut, I love her to death

If your ever in the area, check 'em out

Happy Grillin,, Beth

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