Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dawgs are barkin

well today Amazon kicked my arse today... I'm beat!  I spent the first 5 hours in a constant speed walk... back n forth... nonstop!  then the second half of the day I spent at a slow walk... kinda glad there is nothing going on this evening, so I could come home shower, eat and chill watching Tony on NCIS.  Kinda gettin into the NCIS New Orleans... never was able to get into the NCIS LA tho.

Got the battery charger on the van since last nite, too beat to get out there and try and mess with it... will do that tomorrow after work, before Taco Wednesday Dinner.

So a week or so ago I applied at bowlinTC.com and got an email today sayin they do not have facilities so when I have a self contained RV to let them know and they will hire me.  Oh well.... will keep looking.  i did apply today to work the Superbowl in Phoenix in Jan/feb.  Not sure how long the job would last, $10 an hour with no free site.  Will get more details before I commit.  Dec 23rd will be here before you know it ....

So i'm out, y'all make it a great day !! because you can !!

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