Saturday, November 29, 2014

2015 Resolutions

been thinking about New Years Resolutions..... I keep gettin on the diet/weight kicks... be all determined for a few weeks then it dies out.  I have lost quiet a bit this last year which is AWESOME! and will likely do the lemonade diet a few times in 2015, just to clean out the pipes... going to just eat healthy avoiding junk food... drink lots of water, cut out sodas... and not sit in front of the laptop for more than 2 hours at a time without a 30 min walk... and learn to just love my body just the way it is.... OK maybe not love but accept... I need to get a better attitude about it all...

I need to get past the "worthless-stupid-fat-n-ugly" thing my Ex-Ass drilled into my head for several years.  I know its been 20ish years since I got away from him but he was persistant even after I got away and now manipulates the kids into it since I won't listen to him anymore.  Won't go into all those details but point is.... if I don't like myself no one else will right?  I'm not a bad person, (not fishing for compliments) I've got to work on liking myself again and I'm talking appearance mostly... I am who I am, will work on not being so embarressed about the fat.

OK so there is my NY Resolution... ACCEPTANCE

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