Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's Broken

Well its been a while since I've put anything on the ole Blog... so heres whats shakin in my world... Been in Quartzsite AZ since Jan10.... after ice the snow storm delays and multiple engine troubles I made it.  Found a place to park, lept good under the desert stars... on the 11th I went in search of Free WiFi and found the locaL McDs.  I cruised the Quartzsite FB groups and within an hour had a job at the local grocery store.

The next morning (12th) I started working.  At that time the Beast was still overheatng and the idler arm was knocking and about to fall off at any time.  I was still driving approx 8ish miles into the desert at nite.... with the overheating it was taking me about an hour to go the 8 miles and that first week I had TWO flats... so I decided no more desert driving for now and found me a spot at the Pilot Truck Stop about 3 miles from work.

I've enjoyed the job, have done nothing but work and the Pilot.  One evening the van only clicked when I went to start it so

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  1. Ok what happened next? How did you get it fixed