Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rvin at 80

Happy Tuesday folks... one of my RVin neighbors turns 80 today, she should be on my friends list on FB ... but shes not yet. I got a card to go put on her RV door before the carpool gets here. her daughter/son in law flew in the other day from California to surprise her. 

Soooo got another 10 hours to do today, they came around yeterday morning right after first break asking for people to sign up for VTO (Voluntary Time Off) to go home right then, then ended up sending 15 people home, I said no this time, took it twice last week so can't do that again, only 7ish weeks to go and i need to make some bank still.

I sent an email to bowlinTC.com again asking about any job openings, I applied last week and they emailed me asking about my rig and if I was a "team" or single... of course I'm single LOL  Crossing fingers i get that job, might be fun.

So y'all make it a great day! See ya on the flip side

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