Friday, November 19, 2010

The Last of 44

Well gang, I'll be 45 tomorrow... yup 5 more years to the big 5-0.  Not sure what I think about it but I've noticed I think about it often the last month or so.  Call it middle aged crazy, but I am couch surfing down south in the Clear Lake area.  Thankfully I still have friends in the area from my UHaul days.  So the big birthday plans.... been plannin for a while to go to the Roller Derby game with Jackie... her daughter plays for the team "Mobstars" and goes by "Donkey Puncher".  ALSO... a friend Allen is comin in from Lewisville to take me to dinner and walk on the beach with me... should be a nice day. (Update Allen didn't make it)  So there ya go... the big 45th birthday weekend is on... BRING IT!!!

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