Sunday, June 12, 2011

Florida Vacation, Texas thru Pensacola

Will add stories soon, heres pics Fri thru Sat.
Portable DVD player installed and Batman Forever playin... he's ready to go...

...he was out by the time we hit I-10

 My family biz, hehe some distant relative in Ireland... didn't know they were in the states now... then i noticed the logo and name on the windows in Teenas car. Will have to look into that. 
I-10 Texas east bound

Pensacola Travel Lodge Sat AM

Christian & Teena

John & Tonya @ Jellyfish Bar & Grill Perdido Keys, Florida

Teena, Tonya, John & I

L to R Seth, Alex, Christian, John, Teena & I
sushi sampler

Perdido Keys Beach

the water was soooo clear, when I was up to my neck I could still see my toes in the sand

Beach Babes, Teena & I 

HeHe I have horrible hair after a day in the water

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