Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gettin Healthy Check In

well its may 1... can you believe it !!  Time sure flies...

Start Date/Weight: 4/29 255 lbs
Todays Weight: 255 lbs
Goal: under 200
Well I went thru my groceries, living in the van I don't keep much groceries on hand. I ate the last maple french toast bagel this morning, I have a large potato to bake for my late lunch, have a box of saltines, and 2 pkgs of those snack cheese crackers.... I will eat those (not all today) but not buy any more.
Been working on the grocery list for next week, hittin the local HEB tomorrow. I tend to snack alot, but not a fan of eating after about 7pm. have always been that way so that is not something I have to get used to.
My list: brocoli, dried banana chips, carrots, lettuce, apples, strawberrys, grapefruits,
going to look for some power protien to put in morning smoothies, I don't know anything about it so going to do some research
Already walked the circle out here (1 mile) once this morning, and spending today gardening

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