Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last night, Day 5 in Round 2 of the Lemonade Diet, Teena and I went out for Mexican food and Ritas... I feel like crap this morning!  I started the diet last Monday but I have eaten SOMETHING each day... so I'm starting over... with a new resolution to get 'er done

On Teena's scale it says I'm at 269.5... which means I've gained back most, not all, of what I lost the last go round.  So this go round, the goal is to lose whatever... and not gain back over half of what I lost.  We are going to Florida June 10th, and I want to feel good for this trip.  I've never been to Florida.  So My goal is to stay on the diet thru the end of May, then eat healthier.  Since the last go round I've cut out all caffeine, I only have/had a soda or tea when we went out to eat, and most of those trips out to eat I had a Rita instead.  I've had no fast food, don't have bread in the house, had potatoes twice I think.  Ate lots of fish and rice.  Tried to eat the celery sticks with no-fat cream cheese... eewwwww only got a few down.  Will have to think up another healthy snack.

So heres to makin it work this time.  Sticking to it!

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