Saturday, November 16, 2013

1st Weeks Expenses ... TOTAL!

Not great but not as bad as I thought it would be.... I'm calling the first week in the van a SUCCESS !!

Expenses this week... 11/11/2013-11/17/2013

Monday   -0-  (spent nite in Austin in Jimi's driveway)
Tues        $10 fuel in Toyota to go to day job
                $2.15 donut&milk
                $30 fuel in van (spent nite at Billys on the couch)
Wed        $4.08 wipes and crackers from HEB
                $2.15 b'fast at McD's
                $7.77 facial wipes, 10pk juice boxes, peanut butter, lighter
               $8.01 bungee cord, hooks, therometer, 3 bananas
               $40.00 gift card for fuel
                $14.00 fuel at Volero (drove 130 miles & slept at Loves parking lot near Tomball)
Thurs       (slept in Staceys driveway thur-sat nites)
                $17.70 fuel
                $6.50 lunch with Stacey at Chic-fil-a
               $2.65 caramel mocha at McD's while using free wifi
                $12.99 fleece throw blanket, 20 ft extension cord, socks at Big Lots
Fri          $55.00 cell phone
               $3.33 Taco Bell lunch
               $1.08 Tea at McD's
Sat          $2.18 b'fast at McD's
                $2.18 chicken sandwich at McD's
Sun         $2.18 b'fast at McD's

Total so far $223..... THAT definately needs to go way down!
*$55 monthly expense (cell)
*$25 in food
*$117 in fuel and drove from Austin to The Woodlands (No Houston) which is about 170 miles.  Then3 miles each way from campin spot to mcD's office Thu-Fri-Sat
*The rest has been stuff thats needed... don't feel like I've wasted $$ on frivilous things but it does add up quick

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