Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Woodlands

Hello folks... I tried to spend my first Walmart boondocking nite last nite in Austin but the lot was just too busy, people kept honking at each other so after about 2 hours of tryin to get to sleep I got up and started driving towards Houston.  Was dark, and cooooollldddddd out.  There was outside air blowing in at my feet and up right in my face like a window was open under there.... I was going to check it out today but ended up running around with Stacy all day and never got to it but I will in the morning.

I drove till about midnite last nite and then crashed at a Loves till early this morning and drove on into the Woodlands to Staceys place where I'm parking the next few nites.   Met her boys who are totally cool teenagers and they are a CHEERLEADING family, she coaches and the boys coach and participate in competitions.  I might get to go to a contest this saturday with them.  She's checking to see if she can get me a pass.  We ran around town alil and now I'm at McD's on 45 posting this and going to get alil work done then go back to my parking spot at her house and crash.

So there ya go... a days update... I'm enjoyin this adventure... its much different than any others adventure I've had so far.  So see you down the road, Bethy

Pics this afternoon and thoughts or plans....
theres my bed, it turns into a U shaped seating area with table but no pole to hole the table up, will eventually get a pipe for that.  Also still on list of To-Do's is to cover the back windows.  I'm thinkin I'll put velcro around windows and on some kind of cloth so I can put it up and take it down easy.  Unless someone else comes up with a better idea.

OK the clothes basket in front of the mini fridge is all stuff to be donated as soon as I come across a place to drop it off.  It's takin up alot of space so hope to be rid of that before the weekend is over.  the white bag with blue and red on it is my dirty clothes.  The chair where the suitcase is I want to remove and build/install a closet/cubbard of some kind.  thats right behind the drivers seat.

the tub under my flannel shirt there I want to build a box, and put a portapotty in where I can slide it out to use and slide back in when not used, and the top be a bedside table.

that 2x6 is bolted to where a 4th capt chair once was.  Got the board off and now going to work on gettin rid of the mounting station there as I'll never put in a 4th chair.

Expenses so far...

Monday   -0-  (spent nite in Austin in Jimi's driveway)
Tues        $10 fuel in Toyota
                $2.15 donut&milk
                $30 fuel in van (spent nite at Billys on the couch)
Wed        $4.08 wipes and crackers from HEB
                $2.15 b'fast at McD's
                $7.77 facial wipes, 10pk juice boxes, peanut butter, lighter
               $8.01 bungee cord, hooks, therometer, 3 bananas
               $40.00 gift card for fuel
                $14.00 fuel at Volero (drove 130 miles & slept at Loves parking lot near Tomball)
Thurs      $17.70 fuel
                $6.50 lunch with Stacey at Chic-fil-a
               $2.65 caramel mocha at McD's while using free wifi

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