Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Self Challenge

According to my BMI I'm too short !!
I'm a big girl... I know this... In my non stop battle with the buldge... I have found I need "accountability" ...so I'm puttin myself on a weight loss, tighten up, get in better shape, eat healthy, very public program... you can ignore these post if you wish or find ways to be encouraging.
I don't feel "fat" until I see pics of myself. So no time like the present to get my chit together...
I will never be Barbi, and I would not want to be... but I have gained way too much the last couple of years... so here is the starting stats... TODAY I weight in at 255... in a Size 22 jean and 24 tops... all of 2012-2013 I was hanging around 275 so I've done good so far in 2014.
Goal is... get to less than 200 lbs ... down to at least a size 16/18 jeans, tone arms/belly/hips, more reg. walking/hiking (at 1 mile most days, work up to maybe 5 miles a day), take up some form of yoga (probably will be the 5 rites Teena taught me), no (or very little) carbs, no sodas, GMO free (as much as possible), just a general eat fresh non processed foods.
Gettin the lil personal blender thingy to that will make one smoothie at a time... and then have them more often.
Once I get to the 200lb mark I want to learn to stand up on the stand up surf board thingy... and of course get one of my own.

I will get help taking some full body pics tonight and add to this post as "Before" pics

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  1. Hi Beth! This is cerenatee from the vandwellng group. Congratulations on making a decision to be healthier and take charge of this area of your life. I was 260 lbs last year and I finally took charge of my life. Now I weigh 152 lbs. I did mine by primarily drinking premier protein shakes, all day, every day, for over a year, which I don't recommend because it's extreme. Unfortunately, I suck at cooking and calorie/carb counting, and I am addicted to carbs (mostly breads/starches), so I needed extreme. For me to really change, I had to learn to be unhappy until I could change my thinking. Instead of "I can't have that", I had to think "I don't want that." Instead of "That would taste awesome", I repeated "That will kill me." I focused on my dreams and goals all the time because being deprived in the present, when the finish was over a year away, did not sit well with me. I'm more the "I want it and I want it now!" type of girl. LOL. Also, I joined a lot of FB weight loss and low carb groups. Support has been crucial in maintaining my motivation and behaviors, especially when stressed, lonely, mad, irritated, bored, anxious, confused, etc, and when learning how to socialize with family and friends. Losing weight was one of the hardest things I've ever done but it was doable and I did it. Losing weight is a war, not a battle. You're going to mess up sometimes but if you win most of the time, you'll reach your goals. Good luck and I'm pulling for you!