Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring 2014 RoundTop Antique Show

OMG this is MASSIVE!  

Maurene & I left the lake at 6am and headed East to spend the day checking out the Round Top Antique Show... I'm thinkin a big field with rows of vendors... but NOOOOOO its several towns near each other with barns, tents and so on with Antiques.  WOW was an AWESOME and EXHAUSTING day!  

We got back to the lake about 9pm WORN OUT!

Maurene, Murphy and I

I need a 8-Track player

a Silver Bullet turned into a restaurant... kitchen inside, seating outside

Cool idea !!

this was marked $45

Maurene's new ride

Cool Rooster

Maurene at the Garden Shop enterance

Naked bed Springs are everywhere lately


Hankey Thro

Elaborate decor outside a tent
Thirsty Antiquers

Cool idea !!

My first trip into la Grange

Side fo the road in Texas

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