Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Reflections in Arizona

Well.... seems my time in Arizona is coming to an end... and what an adventures trip its been....most that look at this blog are on my FB and know all the woes and such, I won't go into detail about all that.  Even with all the troubles I had a pretty grand adventure.  I came to Quartzsite AZ to see the "Big Show"... millions of RVers gathering in January every year.  And WOW what a sight!  I met new people daily, saw all kinds of rigs from prius to luxury buses... and EVERYONE I met was friendly, helpful and generous with their time and talents.  One took my flat tire off and took it and myself to town to get fixed, one went and bought a starter when mine went out in the McDonalds parking lot and paid someone to put it on on a Wednesday knowing I did not get paid until Friday, another after just a few hours of meeting put my new brake pads on, they shared their meals, campfires, conversations.  It could not have been a better gathering of better folks.

I got on rather quickly at the local grocery store and was making good progress on the van repairs when I fell and broke my arm and immediately got layed off work... Brenda, a fellow vandweller.... nursed me for the next few weeks.  I don't know what I would have done without her during that time.  She kept me sane, not so depressed, and even fastened my bra daily.  I cannot thank her enough !

So off to Yuma in mid February, thinking since it was a bigger town I might be able to find a job with the arm in a sling... was there 7 weeks and no luck.  I relied on the generous friends I have to put a few bucks in my paypal here n there to keep fuel in the Beast and food in my belly.  Again I don't know how I can ever thank them all... you know who you are and I thank you very much for your help.

When I finally got into the doctor in March and got new Xrays and the OK to take off the sling and start working the arm muscles I immediately went to the upcoming county fair and got on to sell ride tickets for the week.  Now that was an adventure! While there I connected with another county fair in Phoenix and left Yuma to work that one.  This time working the ride photo booth on the rollercoaster.

Now I'm back in Quartzsite on my way into California for the next show in San Bernardino next week... visiting the last of my traveling friends in Q for 2 nites, then I'm off for the California adventure.

Now this is surely the short version... just felt like writing a bit... reminding myself I'm sooooo not a writer LOL

Much love to you all and be sure to go watch my videos on YouTube

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