Monday, February 14, 2011

MardiGras 2011 @ Canyon Lake

So I attended my 1st Mardi Gras Weekend at Kelly's house on Canyon Lake.  Kelly is famous for her wild parties... BEAUTIFUL place!
3yr old Christian, immediately Friday nite when we got there picked out his mask and put on every set of beads he could find.... thens it's "Peace out"

Teena, Tracy & Kelly lookin at pics...

Teena, LaShawn (sp), Jonetta (sp), Kelly & Shanna (sp) 
Friday night Shanna made Margaritas... they were aweful yummy, I had my 2 then was in bed by midnight.  Of course the rest of 'em say they were up till 3am or so.  A couple of them were still up and in the hot tub when I got up and around Saturday morning.

& the boys arrive, thats Nick, Kellys son holding Christian... then theres Jonetta & Tracy cleanin shrimp

the view Sat AM
Christian throwin rocks into the water...

Self PortriatsTeena sweet talked Daddy Matt into check out her brakes, they jacked up the car and after a few minutes it fell off the jacks.  5 hours later the brakes were replaced.  THANX MATT!!
Me & Teena


Thats a Happy Meal Smile

Christian feeding the deer on Sunday AM

more to come on this weekend....

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