Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 2 at the YMCA

Weight in this morning shows I lost 3 lbs since last Monday... WOOT!!! 

I tried the Zumba class Friday, and during the warm up they, or we, were doin the Cupid Shuffle line dance.... I was goin along fine except that at every turn I could see myself.  Mirrors on every wall... uuggghhh   Before the warm up was over I ran out and lost it.  I looked soooo fat and I suppose lookin at myself from every angle was just too much at that moment.  I don't feel like a fat person, I know I'm a big gal but I don't feel "fat", till that moment.   So I went home cried alittle more and then dried my eyes and went for a walk. 

I'm not giving up, I went back today and did all the machines, I make sure I do more reps each time I get on one.  My shorts I can pull on and off without unzippin so thats a good sign, maybe next week I can go buy a size smaller.... we'll see how this week goes...

Happy Healthy Living All, Beth

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