Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 12 of ?? of the Lemonade Diet WOOT!

well... busy settin up the garage sale stuff and after 3 hours of messin around my tummy just now rumbled.  Tongue is not as yucky as it was, but not all pink yet.  I think I just decided I'm havin dinner this evening.

Which marks the end of my Lemonade Diet.... this go round anyway... lost 11 lbs as of this morning... not bad... now to just not gain it all back.  Thats the hard part.  I went yesterday and bought groceries, bought celery and non fat cream cheese... thats my new snack food... gonna have to learn to like it.  I'm not a health nut but goin to definately eat healthier, no more Taco Bell... I will however do Whataburger breakfest taquitos occasionally.

This no food thing was definately not as miserable or hard as I expected, but then I did cheat twice with a few bites.  The plan now is to do this again come Apriland go for 21 days, which is how long it takes to break a habit, so I hear.

Feelin happy and healthier... Beth

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